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TusStar, China
“TusStar Accelerator”


TusStar accelerator is a gathering place for high-tech and high-growth enterprises aiming to accelerate their growth. A standardized industrial workshop, it ensures regional startups can establish their first production line, and serves as a "nursery" in the city for specialized new enterprises.

Purpose of the solution

TusStar has built an innovation network cluster covering 90 cities in a global scale and nurturing more than 20,000 enterprises. TusStar considers the resources endowment difference between cities and their specific business development needs, and has built the TusStar Accelerator in a standardized industrial plant. It acts as an accelerator carrier in local cities, where startups can establish proof of concept, create a pilot product, validate the production line and certification requirements, as well as providing a standardized industrial workshop. TusStar Accelerator can solve the current problem of insufficient manufacturing facilities and insufficient industrial capacity in regional central cities, by using TusStar's cluster innovation network. At the same time, TusStar Accelerator takes advantage of cities' abundant scientific research, rich industrial resources and broad application scenarios, aiming to provide a steady stream of power for the accelerated development of companies.


TusStar has established 7 accelerators in 6 cities with a workshop area of 136,000m2, accelerating the transformation of a total of 76 enterprises, with a cumulative output value of over 700 million RMB in three years, tax revenue of over 35 million RMB and financing of over 300 million RMB. The TusStar Accelerator is deeply integrated with local key industries, and has become the engine of local industry, exploring a new path for the industrial development of local cities. In China's regional central cities like Ningbo, Anji, Chuzhou, Heze, Changshu, and Nanjing, the TusStar Accelerator matches the growth needs of technology companies with the industrial development needs of cities, allowing all parties to benefit from it.

What is innovative about it?

TusStar Accelerator creatively takes a standardized industrial workshop in order to attract outstanding companies that have graduated from TusStar innovation network and other incubator platforms. It focuses on local key industries' innovation needs, and creates competitive industrial clusters, offering a complete enterprise service chain of coworking space, incubator and accelerator. It is worth mentioning that TusStar Accelerator provides the standardized industrial infrastructure, and enables companies to "carry a bag to settle in". TusStar understands needs of SMEs in electricity, water, sewage and other requirements, and carries out customized services according to their production plan, to ensure efficient, safe and stable production.

Who are the main users?

The innovative enterprises and the local government where each accelerator is based.

Who runs it?


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