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Biopark, Brazil
“Biopark Connect - Programmer Training Course”


The Biopark Connect Program offers agile training to professionals in software development, to overcome the skills and labor shortage in the regional market.

Purpose of the solution

To solve the skills shortage in the IT sector, by training in an agile way a workforce specialized in software development, promoting immediate inclusion in the job market through the direct support of a team formed by psychologists and human resources. Its goal is to create a sustainable environment, where professionals trained in Connect, in partnership with Biopark Educação professors and professionals working in incubated companies, can assist in the training of new professionals, building the necessary workforce for the technological development of resident companies and companies across the western region of Paraná.


The impact generated by the program was immediate, with a student employability rate of 90%. Out of this number, 78% of the students were hired by companies resident at Biopark Technology Park. Eleven resident companies were benefited, giving excellent feedback on the adaptation and productivity of the Connect students hired.

Summary of the results:

  • Total of students participating: 40 (90% hired)

  • Resident companies assisted: 11

  • Hired students: 36

  • Students hired by resident companies: 28

  • Students hired by non-resident companies: 8

  • Students in the hiring process: 2

  • Dropouts: 2

What is innovative about it?

Innovation happens in many ways. The selection process is focused on analyzing the student's profile: in addition to tests with logical reasoning, psychological assessments are also carried out to reduce dropout and start the employability assessment right away. The training was offered free of charge and during it the students had financial support that made it possible for them to study full-time, creating the opportunity to make the transition from other areas.

Labor market insertion: The program's psychologist analyses job opportunities, to understand what type of professional the company expects, and then assesses students' profiles and skills. The psychologist gives feedback to the students, indicating their weaknesses so they can reinforce these contents in the Soft Skills discipline.

Employability: Through the cross-referencing of information on job profiles and student profiles, the psychologist scheduled interviews for candidates with the highest chances of being recruited.

Who are the main users?

Young people over 18 years old interested in joining the IT career, and resident companies of the Technology Park that were looking for qualified labour.

Who runs it?

Associação de Ensino, Pesquisa e Extensão, Biopark (Biopark Educação) e Parque Científico e Tecnológico de Biociências LTD – Biopark

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